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Appreciation Time!

Hello guys! Welcome back to my gabut world~

So based on my tittle up there, i want you guys know that its June ALREDEEEEEYYYY~ 🎊

Yay! Before we start i’d like to say happy Ramadhan kareem for moslem peeps around the word~

Ok! Lets start with “WHAT HAPPEN WITH JUNE?” So, in AIESEC 16/17 we  have a handover by 1st June, and thats mean that my term as an Entity Supporting Team (EST) of AIESEC in Indonesia is officially Ended! 🎉🎊

But before i am checking out from this position. Id like to appreciate some people that’s so special for me in this term as EST.

Its also my reason why im not doing appreciation on my instagram this week

Nadira Natasya-My MCVP PR 1617

I used to call her “Kak Nad“. Ya, means that she is older then me. She is my Team Leader in PR AIESEC Indonesia, the way to answer “who is Nadira for putty?” is “Nadira for me is Nadira, with all of her uniqueness and that just the way she is to show the world that Nadira is exist in this world”.

Nadira, she just a human that living a life with the fullest. Never did something that she couldn’t finished. Give up was deleted in her life dictionary.

 But! She’s still a human that can have a lot of trial and error in her life. That also has a lot weakness on her. But if u guys want to know why I’m still here with her is because i love her way to listen other words about her weaknesses and how she learn to be better person by critics and suggestions from others.

Now im officially finished my task as your EST, i don’t know how to arrange the fluffy word to say how thankful i am to be your team member. We debated a lot, I’ve made u cry, I used to ignore ur message and some other mistakes that i can’t mention. But we keep completing each other in the team till the end of this term unexpectedly.

Thankyou for giving a chance for being part of AndESThi. Thankyou for this memorable term in my last AIESEC Journey. Thankyou for trusting me to create and build my dream in YouthSpeak. Thankyou for leads me in a right way in this team. Thankyou for always be there when i needs. Thankyou for your tolerance in every single mistakes that i’ve did in this term. 

Thankyou Nadira Natasya for all the things in this term. – Your EST (Putty)

M. Beta Haedar S.-My 3 years AIESEC  mates

Actually, i supposed to call him “Kak Beta”. But, because fron the first time we met we don’t asking about our batch so i call him by his name. Hehe so sorry for that.

Beta, Never asking for help on his responsibility job desc, always bring a good vibes, used to challenge him self and sincerely helping people that needs him.

Too Perfectionist sometime and extremely sleepyhead are the things that really define his weaknesses. He could be so helpful on doing something, but he also a grammar b*tch all the time. He could be the sparkling one but a second after that he could fallen a sleep. 

We’re start our AIESEC Journey together as PR staff of AIESEC UNDIP, then we’ve been an OC Communication, and then together as Management Board of PR AIESEC in UNDIP, last but not least we continued our journey as EST of PR AIESEC in Indonesia.

3 years flies that fast, Ups and Down are our milestone to be stronger. Now ya, this term is officially finised. We start this journey together and we finished it also together. 

Thanks for listening all of my grumble. Thanks for always help me in my hardest time here. Thanks for all the wise word that u gave. And thanks for coloring this 3 years of AIESEC Journey with a lot of laughs and smiles!

Thankyou Beta Haedar for always be in my back in this 3 years of AIESEC lyfe!- your team mates (Putty)

Fadilah Nugroho- My Successor
Fadilah Nugroho a.k.a. Nugi my successor forever and always. My OC program that always trying his best to fulfill what we’ve stated. Always be there to help me in every single day of my collage and AIESEC lyfe.

My successor in Collage, My successor in AIESEC UNDIP and soon to be my Successor in AIESEC Indonesia of course.

The thing that i can say is, I will never let people to ignore your potential. Having you as my OC seems like found a treasure in a cloudy water. We’ve pass a thunder and the storm and honestly you are the one that i trust the most. 

Never been this thankful to having a junior in collage like you. Never been this happy to having an OC like you. Never been this grateful for having a successor like you.

Thankyou for always be my support system and keep inspire me by your Nugi’s Way of Life- Your Predecessor (Putty)

Rizqi Ramadhani- my ESTs BromateAnnisa Sellyca-my ESTs sistermate

Annisa Sellyca a.k.a sasa, Rizqi Ramadhani a.k.a kimblo and Putty Elvia as “Trio kwekwek” of my EST YS life. 

We could talk about everything. We could talk with some traditional languages. We could share everything that we feels even if we just meet virtually.

This two people are my inspiration to create my dream. We used to talk about something negatives in order to find the positives side.

We used to breaking our own promises to visiting each other. But we never miss a crazy topics to talk on chat.

Thankyou for being my inspiration, thankyou for listening my ups and down of running YS. Thankyou for the laughs and smiles that u guys always made in every chat and also group call. 

Thanks for being my best listener in my YouthSpeak life!- Your YS mates(Putty)

Danika Ramadhanti- my OCP in JogjaRadifan Hassan- my OCP in SurabayaReginna Della- my OCP in PurwokertoGigatara Arif- my OCP in JemberJohana Henny- my OCP in MedanSarah Zata Alya- My OCP in Bogor

Dear Danika,Ifan,Della,Tara,Jojo and zata. My newborn baby in YouthSpeak that has grow so fast then create best YS in each city that they lived in. 

Their spirit inspired me a lot. Their spirit always leads me to give all i have and all my mind for them. Their spirit always replace my fatigue in to new positives hope. 

I’ve been in your position around a year a go. I know how that “I don’t want to see my OC too tired” feeling and “Come on we want you to create the beat YS ever from LC or National” feeling meets in one head that makes your head will be explodes soon but as OCP you should face it with a calmdown head and all the patience.

But now lets open your gallery and see how great is your event that u’ve made?! Who the hell can create those positive vibes in your city if u r not iniciated to be an OCP of this event?!

So, thankyou guys for doing your best in this event and I am feeling like the proudest YouthSpeak coordinator ever.

Nothing worth for being part of my team, but having you guys in my team is the worth it things that i really grateful in my YouthSpeak Coordinator Journey- your coordinator (putty)

Ya! Thats some of my appreciation that i can gives to my support system for this year. Thankyou for several people that support me in this term that I couldn’t mention one by one.

So! Last word to finised this appreciation time is..

Hello everyone, I am Putty Elvia Nusdalita as EST YouthSpeak Coordinator of Public Relations AIESEC in Indonesia officially Checking Out from AIESEC 16/17! 


It supposed to loud to be proud

My name is Putty, I used to live in a competitive environment. Those environments has brought me into many unexpected experiences in my life. Back to 2015 when I’ve been an AIESEC UNDIP member for a year, there is an opportunity to be a manager in AIESEC UNDIP, and that opportunity led me to be the Organizing Committee President (OCP) of Semarang YouthSpeak Forum 2015. 
One day, someone asked me, “Why AIESEC should hold YouthSpeak again in 16/17? While last term its been held in more than 10 cities in Indonesia?” Are you also thinking about this? Let’s see your surroundings. Are the youth in Indonesia already brave enough to speak up their opinion for better Indonesia? If no, you should know your answer. Building a mind set is not as fast as that. It is something that needs to be done’s a thousand or a million youth that want to speak up for their voice? I believe that youth in Indonesia will realize that Indonesia needs a movement. We need to raise that awareness, so every youth in Indonesia will realize that they are the key for changes to happen in Indonesia. Those hopes pushed me to held Semarang YouthSpeak with all of my sincerity.
As an OCP, I’ve failed. I feel doubted by my surroundings. I’ve felt almost all of the ups and downs. But the thing is, YouthSpeak taught me that every single problem was there to be solved. Being an OCP is not as easy as keeping up with your committees about their job description, but it’s about the responsibility to hold the event smoothly and achieve the goals that AIESEC wants to deliver to the society.
One day, someone asked me, “Why AIESEC should hold YouthSpeak again in 16/17? While last term its been held in more than 10 cities in Indonesia?” Are you also thinking about this? Let’s see your surroundings. Are the youth in Indonesia already brave enough to speak up their opinion for better Indonesia? If no, you should know your answer. Building a mindset is not as fast as that. It is something that needs to be done continuously.
Nothing worth comes that easy. From those experience, I’ve learnt a lot to be a better person. I’m so grateful after I passed those things, because now I could introduce my self louder than before, “Hi everyone! My name is Putty Elvia Nusdalita as National YouthSpeak Coordinator of AIESEC in Indonesia.”

I will do my best

Hello november,11th 2015!

Tahun ke 19 dimana gue hidup di dunia ini..

Ulang tahun kedua gue di semarang yang di sponsori abang gue sendiri.. 

Gak berbeda dari tahun2 sebelumnya.. Dimana team leader gue di AIESEC randomly ngajak meeting yg seharusnya gak hari ini jg meetingnya,tp di paksain.. Gak ada yang aneh selama meeting, cuma yg ngebedain.. Biasanya beta itu selalu ontime,tp hari itu alesannya dia mandi trs abis itu ketiduran. A lil bit accepted karena emang orangnya pelor. At the last time of meeting, he comes and bring the surprise to be the opening surprise.. Ternyata semuanya skenario.. But im truly thanks to u guys PRIM AIESEC UNDIP 1516!!

During the meeting,tbtb bang adi (ketua ikamala) tbtb ngechat gue nyuruh ke kontrakan dgn alesan mau bahas URL (tryout yg di adain ikamala) tp herannya tmn2 gue di tanyain knp ngga ada yg di suruh kesana jg.. Akhirnya slsai meeting jam 10 mlm gue nyempetin dateng ke kontrakan.. Sampe di sana… Lah ini knp motor rame bgt tp ngga ada orgnya.. Tp sbnrnya udah curiga shii soalnya ada motor abang gue yg blm ngucapin samsek dr pagi.. Dan tadaaa my second surprise from my second family IKAMALA UNDIP!!!

A little prize from my brother

Mlm itu gue berencana minep di kosan tmn gue krn ud kmlman.. Tp ngga biasa2nya dia ngeburu2 mulu supaya cepet pulang.. Waktu sampe di kosannya gue liat mobil sapi(jazz eben) dan motor yoma ddpn kosan.. Dan gue ud ngebaca kl the third surprise will coming soon!

Terus gue masuk ke dalem dan…. tadaaa my third suprise from my SYC2 project team!!  

Simple conclusion dr cerita ini adalah.. Lo byk yg ksh surprise brrt byk yg sayang sm lo.. So,no reason for you to not doing ur best..

Too much people waiting to your successful 

Kirain gak bisa..

Hai guys,hehe udah lumayan lama gak nyentuh2 blog.. Nah,karena kemaren aku sibuk banget ngurusin sesuatu di luar sana.. So hari ini aku mau ceritain pengalaman baru aku beberapa minggu ini..
Seperti yang kalian udah baca di postingan sebelumnya.. Yapp aku adalah salah satu member dari organisasi yang berfokus ke “leadership development” yang gak lain dan gak bukan adalah~~~~

Yeayy!! AIESEC!! 

Nah buat kalian yang non AIESECer aku mau jelasin sedikit nih.nah,jadi AIESEC itu ga cuma ada di UNDIP,tapi di indonesia itu AIESEC ada di lebih dari 20 entitas. Selain itu,AIESEC itu gak cuma di bawahi sama pengurus per-entitas, tapi juga di bawahi sama AIESEC INDONESIA,dan AIESEC INTERNATIONAL. 

Pasti sekarang kalian berfikir “internasional? Emang AIESEC ada di negara mana aja sih?” Hahaha AIESEC INTERNATIONAL membawahi AIESEC di 127 negara di dunia guys.. Makanya networking kita di AIESEC itu bisa seluas itu 🙂
Ok,balik ke obrolan awal. Bulan juli lalu,aku resmi jadi bagian dari “national board” AIESEC Indonesia, dimana tugas aku adalah mengkoordinir salah satu “Big Project”nya AIESEC indonesia di beberapa kota. Dan itulah ekspektasi aku ketika dulu aku daftar di posisi ini.

*maaf ada yg ditempel karena dia ga dateng waktu itu*

Time flies sampe pertengahan juli, dimana team leader aku (Vice President PR) harus pergi ke Polandia untuk International Congress. Mean while, di indonesia kita lagi ada conference regional. Saat iti juga team leader aku mulai membagi job description sebagai Fasilitator per regional.

  1. East region-pefi(surabaya)
  2. West-dion,wine(bandung)
  3. Central-aku,beta(UNDIP)

Ngobrol2 tentang fasilitator. Jadi kalau di conference,Fasilitator itu adalah sebagai pemateri,bisa per departemen atau sesi besar yang semua peserta menjadi audiecenya.
Conference kali ini namanya adalah “National Leadership Conference” dimana aku dapet 2 sesi yaitu sesi PR dalam departemen dan PR dalam big session. 
Seneng ga put jadi Faci? YAIYALAH!

Deg-deg an ga put? PARAHHH! Bayangin aja gue harus nyampein sesi didepan 100 orang yang semua matanya tertuju ke gue,dan ga cuma itu,kalau gue salah penyampaian,itu sama aja menyesatkan satu regional men! Gimana ga gemeteran gue..
Tapi tenang! Gue di sana ga sendiri kok.. Gue nyampein sesi selalu bareng sama temen gue beta. Di sesi yang cuma ber 11 sama anak PR seregional sih santai,karena jatohnya lebih ke sharing2 gitu.. 

TAPIII!! di hari ke 3 dimana aku harus nyampein sesi di atas panggung dan didepan 100 orang.. Yes! Bibir gue berhasil pucet selama satu jam sebelum sesi! Haha rasanya campur aduk! Lo harus coba!
Tapi dengan surrounding yang supportive mereka nyemangatin aku dengan berbagai cara,mulai dari “ayo putty beta pasti bisa kok” sampe “yaelah hati-hati lo kalah inspiring sama sesi gue” supaya gue tertantang untuk giving the best session. Dan taraa!!

Ternyata semua rasa takut hilang gitu aja waktu gue udah didepan.. Dan satu hal yang gue yakini adalah “gue udah berusaha sekuat mungkin untuk nyampein sesi ini dengan gue gak banyak, cukup bisa nyampein sesi ini lebih baik dari waktu gue latihan” dan keyakinan itu membawa gue ke penyampaian yg bener2 rilex dan lepas.

Setelah selesai sesi beberapa orang nyamperin gue dan bilang “yey benerkan bisa” “gimana? Lega kan?” Dan lain sebagainya..
Dari situ gue belajar,dimana musuh yang paling bahaya dalam menjatuhkan diri kita itu rasa takut yang ada dalam diri kita sendiri. 

Once you kill it,you will break it!

My biggest thanks for my team leader kak Nadira Natasya karena udah kasih aku kesempatan untuk Ngerasain experience ini..

For the one and only agenda manager kak Zulfikar Tito yang selalu bantuin aku sm beta bikin sesi as keren as possible haha 

For the beloved chair kak Afifa Urfani yang selalu ngasih masukan dan menginspirasi aku sama beta dalam menyampaikan sesi..

Buat BETA HAEDAR partner ngefaci!! Yang selalu bentrok waktiu tidurnya!!

Buat orang2 yang sangat agile di conference dan membuat ke-agile-an tersendiri di conference

Kak hanif,Nyai,Kak Niko dan Kak Njum 

Dan!!!!! Terimakasih sebanyak2nya kepada… 

All the NLC team!! Conference committee team,Fasilitator Team dan juga the Live team!! Karena kalian adalah support system aku banget selama conference! 
So,buat kalian yang punya mimpi yang pingin banget dicapai tapi kalian mikir kl kalian gak bisa, gak ada salahnya kan kalian coba?  

You never know if you never try

So,yakin masih takut untuk mencoba?

See you in another part of this world!

Selasa,25 agustus 2015

Hi everyone!

Mungkin minggu ini hari2 gue di penuhi kata “see you”..

Semenjak 2 bulan lalu,gue lagi ada kegiatan nih dimana gue harus ngurusin 23 mahasiswa asing yang dateng ke semarang untuk project social.. Dan seperti biasa,kita cuma ber8 orang panitia yang ngejalanin projectnya..

2 bulan bareng2 dan hampir tiap hari ketemu,itu bikin kita deket sih udah pasti,tapi gak cuma deket doang,debat,diem2an dan lain sebagainya udah juga kita lewatin..

Mulai dari roadshow kesana sini, kelas bahasa berhari-hari, global village yang super duper, ke dieng bareng2,independence day bareng2 sampe nginep 3 hari 2 malem buat international camp.. Dahhh udah semua deh..

Ya, kayak apa yang gue bilang tadi.. Semua gak berjalan mulus gitu aja.. Ribut satu sama lain itu hal yang lumrah terjadi -setiap hari-. Mulai dari mereka bilang “panitia childish”sampe panitia pusing dan pingin cepet2 mereka pulang.. Tapi satu hal yg gue pelajarin adalah mau darimanapun asalnya dia,sama aja kok.. Belum tentu org belanda ataupun korea atau bahkan china itu lebih pinter dr kita,tinggal seberapa jauhnya aja kita explore potensi diri kita.

Hari demi hari akhirnya project selesai dan sampailah ke farewell party.. Dimana saatnya kita meminta maaf,berterima kasih ataupun mengklarifikasikan apa yang sebelumnya menjadi miscomm.. Disana semua mulai sadar kalo perbah bikin salah,kalo apa yang dia lakuin salah ataupun hanya sebatas salah mempersepsikan.. Seperti biasa hal yang pasti terjadi dalam suatu pesta perpisahan adalah haru dan tangis.. Itu pula yang terjadi sepanjang malam itu..

Sampailah di saat yang dulunya di tunggu2 yaitu mengantar mereka semua ke bandara untuk pulang.. Tapi,bukan itu yg terjadi di bandara.. Tangisan yang mewakili kata2 pun mulai bercucuran.. Dan itu berlangsung selama seminggu berturut2.. Mungkin semua itu terjadi karena “kita tidak akan merasakan seberapa berartinya sesuatu atau seseorang sebelum kita merasakan kehilangan” dan kalimat inilah yang selalu terucap dan selalu di kenang dalam ingatan “see you on another part of this world”

Thanks god u gives me a chance to feel the real meaning of bhineka tunggal ika in a living diversity with 23 people thany comes from several country in this earth.. Hope to see u again guys!

“Sampe kakek nenek ya gaes”

Minggu,31 mei 2015

Hi everyone!

This story will be the first story that i wrote. And i decide it will be about my daily life.

Hari ini hari minggu. Tapi bukan minggu yang biasa terjadi di hari2 gue sebelumnya, minggu kali ini gue ngerasa nano-nano seharian.
Since 2 hari yang lalu,gue harus ke bandungan untuk ngikutin kepanitiaan selama tiga hari. Yes, tiga hari. Yang berarti gue nulis ini sambil perjalanan pulang ke kosan. Acara kali ini di adain sama AIESEC UNDIP dan acaranya semacam summit gitu deh,kalo disini nyebutnya “conference”. 
Di conference AIESEC itu beda banget guys dengan acara2 minep malam keakraban, disini kita dikasih materi,motovasi dan banyak hal berguna lainnya. ETTTTSS tapi yang ngga kalah serunya,di sela2 kepadetan materi kita tetep seneng2 malemnya. Setiap malem kita ada party!!! (No guys,its not ajep2,let me tell you more~)
Di conference kali ini aku sama temen2 aku yg berjumlah 8 orang totalnya (dikit ya?emang gitu) mempersiapkan 2 party, yang pertama itu bollydut night,terus yang ke-dua ada masquerade party.. Dimana bollydut night itu kita dance bareng2 dan masquerade kita gala dinner.. Seru kan?! Iyadoongg 😎😎
Btw sebenernya singkat aja sih jelasin tentang conferencenya.. Niat gue kali ini bukan untuk jelasin conferencenya.. Tp jelasin kenapa gue bisa nano2 banget hari ini.. 
Sebelumnya aku mau kenalin dulu 8 orang team aku nih..

Mulai dari yang pojok kiri atas itu namanya nabila,bisa di panggil bibil,orangnya baiiik banget dan dia buddy aku di kepanitiaan ini. Lanjut ke yang tengah itu namanya zahra,agak pendiem sih awalnya,tapi ternyata orangnya kocak dan rame abis!! Hahaha. Lanjut yang pojok kanan atas,itu namanya kak niken , nah kalo kak niken ini dia paling kalem dan suaranya paling merdu di antara yang lain,hahahaa dia vokalis band gitudehh. LANJUT! Barisan tengah yang kiri,itu namanya kak corry, orangnya gak tegaan, baik,ratu dance dan pedulian banget(ashik). Next yang tengah itu gue. Sebelah gue ada kak Teja! Nah kak teja itu bagian dari kepanitian,tapi dia kyk supervisornya gitudeeh.. Lanjut ke cowo2 yang barisan bawah ya, kiri itu namanya Eben paling kocak,semua dibecandain,tapi kalo marah galak! Percayalah! Hahahaaha pinter bgt kl itung2an sudahlah.. Lanjut yang di tengah, namanya Yoma, dia adalah ketua pelaksana project ini,super duper sabar,super duper baik, dan super duper pengertian. Kinda honor deh punya ketua kyk dia. Nah,kalo yang terkhir ini sangat bijak,katanya di kampus galak,tapi hatinya lembut kok guys,dan kocak kok aslinya,kyk kembar gitudeh sama eben,nah nama dia chandra.
Nah skrg waktunya kita cerita2 deh..

Sebelum berangkat conference,kita di kasih tau kalo last day (berarti hari ini) bakalan ada pengumuman tentang siapa2 aja yang bisa maju dan kepilih jadi “manager”,kalo di organisasi lain sih semacem “kadiv” gituuu..
Singkat cerita kita semua di kumpulin di pool karena kita ber 8 daftar semua jadi manager,kecuali bibil,karena dia mau round kedua aja katanya biar fokus. Semua yang kepilih bakalan di dorong ke dalem kolam.. Dan hasilnya gue,yoma,eben,niken,chandra dan zahra semuanya masuk ke dalam kolam dan semuanya basah.. Tapi sayangnya,ada satu di antara kita yang belum lolos yaitu kak corry, tadi gue bingung banget, gimana caranya ngomong sabar sedangkan gue juga basah, agak bullshit gimana gitu kl gue di posisi dia. Detik itu gue ngerasa seneeengggg banget! Karena usaha gue gak sia2 dan gue dapet kepercayaan dr kadep gue atau disebut Vice President.. Tapi,ya namanya juga ada yang nyangkut,pastilah gak seneng sepenuhnya.. Rasanya kayak seneng,tapi ada yang ngeganjel gitu..
Sampailah ke akhir acara,dimana kalo di AIESEC, kita selalu bikin sharing time di akhir acara,sekedar untuk sharing,curhat dan bahkan untuk say thanks ke siapapun yg ada disana.. Semua terasa biasa aja,hanya sekedar say thanks ke panitia karena acaranya berjalan lancar,sampai microphone itu di ambil oleh yoma. Yoma disitu sharing dr awal team terbentuk,susah,seneng,bingung,pusing dan segala hal yang kita laluin bareng2.. Yoma tiba2 netesin air mata,disitulah suasana berubah jadi haru,dan tanpa di perintah kita semua maju ke depan dan pelukan,disitu kita semua ngga tau apa yang di rasain,semuanya capur aduk,capek,seneng,pusing,bahagia,puas semua kerasa di depan. Tapi satu hal yang cuma kita ber8 yang bisa rasain yaitu.. Rasa terimakasih kepada yang maha kuasa karena telah nyatuin kita dan bikin kita kayak keluarga.. Saling support, saling care dan sayang satu sama lainyya..
Ya, disini gak cuma kita ber 8 yang nangis,semua nangis, tapi kita semua seneng, karena tangisan yang membanjiri ruangan itu tangis kebahagiaan, dan air mata itu di tutup dengan satu nyanyian yang ngga bakal pernah gue lupain sampai kapanpun..

“We do.. We love you CC.. We do.. We love you CC.. We do.. Ohh CC we love you.. How muuchh? This much”

For my beloved team,my funloving team, my SYC 2 CC team.. Semoga penutupan ini bukan akhir dari segalanya ya,dan semoga ini akan jadi awalan yang cukup indah untuk kita semua kedepannya “sampe kakek nenek ya gaes”