Appreciation Time!

Hello guys! Welcome back to my gabut world~

So based on my tittle up there, i want you guys know that its June ALREDEEEEEYYYY~ 🎊

Yay! Before we start i’d like to say happy Ramadhan kareem for moslem peeps around the word~

Ok! Lets start with “WHAT HAPPEN WITH JUNE?” So, in AIESEC 16/17 we  have a handover by 1st June, and thats mean that my term as an Entity Supporting Team (EST) of AIESEC in Indonesia is officially Ended! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

But before i am checking out from this position. Id like to appreciate some people that’s so special for me in this term as EST.

Its also my reason why im not doing appreciation on my instagram this week

Nadira Natasya-My MCVP PR 1617

I used to call her “Kak Nad“. Ya, means that she is older then me. She is my Team Leader in PR AIESEC Indonesia, the way to answer “who is Nadira for putty?” is “Nadira for me is Nadira, with all of her uniqueness and that just the way she is to show the world that Nadira is exist in this world”.

Nadira, she just a human that living a life with the fullest. Never did something that she couldn’t finished. Give up was deleted in her life dictionary.

 But! She’s still a human that can have a lot of trial and error in her life. That also has a lot weakness on her. But if u guys want to know why I’m still here with her is because i love her way to listen other words about her weaknesses and how she learn to be better person by critics and suggestions from others.

Now im officially finished my task as your EST, i don’t know how to arrange the fluffy word to say how thankful i am to be your team member. We debated a lot, I’ve made u cry, I used to ignore ur message and some other mistakes that i can’t mention. But we keep completing each other in the team till the end of this term unexpectedly.

Thankyou for giving a chance for being part of AndESThi. Thankyou for this memorable term in my last AIESEC Journey. Thankyou for trusting me to create and build my dream in YouthSpeak. Thankyou for leads me in a right way in this team. Thankyou for always be there when i needs. Thankyou for your tolerance in every single mistakes that i’ve did in this term. 

Thankyou Nadira Natasya for all the things in this term. – Your EST (Putty)

M. Beta Haedar S.-My 3 years AIESEC  mates

Actually, i supposed to call him “Kak Beta”. But, because fron the first time we met we don’t asking about our batch so i call him by his name. Hehe so sorry for that.

Beta, Never asking for help on his responsibility job desc, always bring a good vibes, used to challenge him self and sincerely helping people that needs him.

Too Perfectionist sometime and extremely sleepyhead are the things that really define his weaknesses. He could be so helpful on doing something, but he also a grammar b*tch all the time. He could be the sparkling one but a second after that he could fallen a sleep. 

We’re start our AIESEC Journey together as PR staff of AIESEC UNDIP, then we’ve been an OC Communication, and then together as Management Board of PR AIESEC in UNDIP, last but not least we continued our journey as EST of PR AIESEC in Indonesia.

3 years flies that fast, Ups and Down are our milestone to be stronger. Now ya, this term is officially finised. We start this journey together and we finished it also together. 

Thanks for listening all of my grumble. Thanks for always help me in my hardest time here. Thanks for all the wise word that u gave. And thanks for coloring this 3 years of AIESEC Journey with a lot of laughs and smiles!

Thankyou Beta Haedar for always be in my back in this 3 years of AIESEC lyfe!- your team mates (Putty)

Fadilah Nugroho- My Successor
Fadilah Nugroho a.k.a. Nugi my successor forever and always. My OC program that always trying his best to fulfill what we’ve stated. Always be there to help me in every single day of my collage and AIESEC lyfe.

My successor in Collage, My successor in AIESEC UNDIP and soon to be my Successor in AIESEC Indonesia of course.

The thing that i can say is, I will never let people to ignore your potential. Having you as my OC seems like found a treasure in a cloudy water. We’ve pass a thunder and the storm and honestly you are the one that i trust the most. 

Never been this thankful to having a junior in collage like you. Never been this happy to having an OC like you. Never been this grateful for having a successor like you.

Thankyou for always be my support system and keep inspire me by your Nugi’s Way of Life- Your Predecessor (Putty)

Rizqi Ramadhani- my ESTs BromateAnnisa Sellyca-my ESTs sistermate

Annisa Sellyca a.k.a sasa, Rizqi Ramadhani a.k.a kimblo and Putty Elvia as “Trio kwekwek” of my EST YS life. 

We could talk about everything. We could talk with some traditional languages. We could share everything that we feels even if we just meet virtually.

This two people are my inspiration to create my dream. We used to talk about something negatives in order to find the positives side.

We used to breaking our own promises to visiting each other. But we never miss a crazy topics to talk on chat.

Thankyou for being my inspiration, thankyou for listening my ups and down of running YS. Thankyou for the laughs and smiles that u guys always made in every chat and also group call. 

Thanks for being my best listener in my YouthSpeak life!- Your YS mates(Putty)

Danika Ramadhanti- my OCP in JogjaRadifan Hassan- my OCP in SurabayaReginna Della- my OCP in PurwokertoGigatara Arif- my OCP in JemberJohana Henny- my OCP in MedanSarah Zata Alya- My OCP in Bogor

Dear Danika,Ifan,Della,Tara,Jojo and zata. My newborn baby in YouthSpeak that has grow so fast then create best YS in each city that they lived in. 

Their spirit inspired me a lot. Their spirit always leads me to give all i have and all my mind for them. Their spirit always replace my fatigue in to new positives hope. 

I’ve been in your position around a year a go. I know how that “I don’t want to see my OC too tired” feeling and “Come on we want you to create the beat YS ever from LC or National” feeling meets in one head that makes your head will be explodes soon but as OCP you should face it with a calmdown head and all the patience.

But now lets open your gallery and see how great is your event that u’ve made?! Who the hell can create those positive vibes in your city if u r not iniciated to be an OCP of this event?!

So, thankyou guys for doing your best in this event and I am feeling like the proudest YouthSpeak coordinator ever.

Nothing worth for being part of my team, but having you guys in my team is the worth it things that i really grateful in my YouthSpeak Coordinator Journey- your coordinator (putty)

Ya! Thats some of my appreciation that i can gives to my support system for this year. Thankyou for several people that support me in this term that I couldn’t mention one by one.

So! Last word to finised this appreciation time is..

Hello everyone, I am Putty Elvia Nusdalita as EST YouthSpeak Coordinator of Public Relations AIESEC in Indonesia officially Checking Out from AIESEC 16/17! 


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